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AADBH is a membership-based association, committed to community in integrated health, spearheading regulations, and lobbying for your rights.

What’s in an Association?

Behavioral Health Doctors, Consultants, and Specialists receive unique education and training as integrated healthcare professionals.The healthcare system is a multi-faceted, complex system, with branches that extended into nearly all aspects of human life. From lifestyle medicine, health education, therapeutic services, advocacy, behavior change modification and more, behavioral health practitioners are at the forefront of the changing face of integrated healthcare services.

What Integrated Behavioral Health practitioners needed, was a governing body, to oversee quality assurance, behavioral health licensing, credentialing, and certification, with safe and ethical codes of conduct and standards, that translated across all arenas of behavioral health. Our board seeks to create clarity, clear career pathways, workable options, licensing, credentialing, and certifications that are in alignment with what behavioral health providers do. The board serves to instill trust, confidence, and quality to our consumers and the various healthcare allies that work with them.

Our board’s licensure, credentialing and certification standards will give providers the assurances that they need to demonstrate that they are qualified and able to do the tasks required of them. They will have the backing of the AADBH behind them.

The types of behavioral health providers we certify, credential or license, are:

  1. Doctors of Behavioral Health (Management)
  2. Doctors of Behavioral Health (Clinical)
  3. Behavioral Health Consultants
  4. Behavioral Health Specialists
  5. Neuroscientist
  6. Neurobehavioral Scientist
  7. Psychophysiologists
  8. Behavior Modification Specialists
  9. Behavioral Health Directors
  10. and More!

Goals of the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health

One of the most important assurances integrated behavioral healthcare providers can give to their clients or patients is that they are competent. Therefore, setting up a formal board was necessary to provide much-needed recognition.

That is to say, the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health gives providers the voice needed to more smoothly integrate into medical, or specialty fields. More specificly, the correct type of licensure, credentialing, and certifications is essential to the complex and vast, healthcare system. There are many behavioral health providers that obtained psychological licensure. However, these licenses do not highlight the specialized training and education that behavioral health practitioners have acquired in their own respective fields.

Our board’s professionalism pathways assists behavioral health providers in knowing what integrated healthcare avenues they could take. Additionally, it helps them to be able to show off their skills. Displacement has affected many talented and highly skilled providers. This can be due to not having the appropriate licensing, credentials, or certifications to do a specific job. Integrated behavioral healthcare providers are healthcare disruptors.

When there is a process that is not delivering the expected efficacy or outcomes, the DBH steps up. Moreover, the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health created this organization to address this dilemma. The United States of America will recognize the AADBH’s licenses, credentials, and certifications. Doctors of Behavioral Health, as well as other integrated behavioral healthcare practitioners, need representation that leaves no room for error for who we are and what we do.

The AADBH will be an association that is forward-thinking. We do not shy away from being a constant work in progress. This means that we are dynamic and always-changing. The organization prides itself in being created, operated, and managed by individuals in the field of Behavioral Health Sciences.

The goal of the AADBH is to help practitioners in our field be the best they can be. We want integrated behavioral health providers to have their skills highlighted and respected. Do not hesitate to join the AADBH today!