Dr. U. Grant Baldwin Jr., DBH

Dr. U. Grant Baldwin Jr., DBH, Chair of the Board of Directors
AADBH Chair of the Board of Directors

Dr. Grant, Chair of the Board of Directors

Dr. U. Grant Baldwin, DBH, is the Chair of the Board of Directors at the AADBH. He is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience. He has experience in management, program administration, government and state medical programs. Dr. Baldwin also has experience in organizational transformation and innovation, community support and engagement initiatives, and performance management. He is an expert in public health and behavioral health treatment delivery systems. This includes issues relating to mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.

Productivity Skills

Dr. Baldwin is highly skilled in research, problem-solving, and obtaining pertinent information to solve organizational and operational problems. He has extensive leadership experience and the ability to unify and guide large groups of personnel toward common goals. Dr. Baldwin has expertise in managing several tasks simultaneously. He does so with few interruptions in the organizational flow of data, staff, and productivity.

Human Resources & Leadership

He has a strong knowledge of business and management principles. Specifically, principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, and human resources modeling. Additionally, he is skilled inleadership techniques, production methods, and the coordination of people and resources. He has maintained quality and increased operational efficiency within organizations. He has the ability to assign duties and evaluate the performance of subordinate personnel. Dr. Baldwin has experience supervising and directing a dynamic team consisting of senior and junior level personnel.


Dr. Baldwin has enforced, managed, and executed Federal, state, and organizational level policies, procedures, laws, regulations, and actions. He advises executive level management in policy matters. This includes a wide range of administrative activities, consumer and advocacy initiatives, and community engagement/public relations campaigns. He also advises regarding stakeholder engagement, strategic management and planning, recruitment and staffing, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion/special emphasis.


Dr. Baldwin directed financial operations to ensure the effectiveness of organizational processes, projects, and services. He monitored, forecasted, and controlled budgets utilizing sophisticated budget databases.

Dr. Baldwin coordinated, evaluated, researched, and benchmarked strategic methodologies to advance organizational efficiency utilizing project management principles. He evaluated and restructured administrative processes and policies through qualitative and quantitative research. He utilized analytical tools such as interviews, focus groups, HRIS, and surveys to obtain and verify the information for organizational transformation and evaluation purposes.

Writing & Communication

Dr. Baldwin has excellent oral and written communication skills. He is able to convey information effectively. This including determining project objectives, implementing job accountability, and efficiently utilizing resources to accomplish identified communication goals. He communicates with stakeholders outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, government, and other external sources.

Current Work

Currently, Dr. Baldwin is serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Imani Behavioral Health in Nashville/Clarksville, TN. There, he is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of daily operating procedures. This includes motivating and integrating excellence in interpersonal and leadership skills. He promotes outstanding organizational and time management skills. He takes the primary lead in expansion activities. Additionally he holds an in-depth knowledge of company structure and stability.

Dr. Baldwin is also an Adjunct Professor/Subject Matter Expert at Fisk University and Morehouse School of Medicine. He teaches specific courses in innovative ways and develops course outlines, curriculum, and instructional materials. The goal is to improve the processes and courses offered to students. Additionally, Dr. Baldwin is the Director of the Doctor of Behavioral Health Program at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Studies in Phoenix, Arizona. At CGI, he is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing all of the activities related to academic operations.

AADBH Chair of the Board of Directors

Dr. Baldwin, as the Chair of the Board of Directors, holds a pivotal leadership role that encompasses various responsibilities essential for the board’s effective functioning and the organization’s strategic direction. One of the primary roles Dr. Baldwin plays is setting the board’s agenda in collaboration with the CEO and senior executives. This proactive approach ensures that the board addresses strategic and vital issues facing the organization.

Furthermore, during board meetings, Dr. Baldwin’s role isn’t just administrative. By facilitating open discussions, he creates an environment where all board members can constructively contribute to the decision-making process. Although the Chair doesn’t have a superior voting power, Dr. Baldwin’s guidance is instrumental in steering the board to consensus during challenging situations.

Another crucial aspect of his leadership is serving as the main liaison between the board and the management team. This connection guarantees that the board remains informed about the company’s ongoing operations and any challenges that arise. It ensures a seamless flow of information, enabling the board to make informed decisions.

Moreover, Dr. Baldwin has a profound impact on the board’s composition and development. He is actively involved in recruiting new board members, ensuring that the board boasts the necessary skills and diversity to oversee the organization with efficacy. Beyond recruitment, he plays a role in the orientation and continuous education of board members, ensuring they remain equipped to make decisions in the organization’s best interest.

Governance is another area where Dr. Baldwin’s expertise is evident. He ensures that the board adheres to the best governance practices, updating policies and procedures to reflect the organization’s evolving needs. Periodic performance evaluations, often overseen by him, ensure the board remains effective and addresses any areas of concern.

Communication, especially in times of crisis, is another area where Dr. Baldwin’s leadership shines. He often represents the board in dialogues with various stakeholders, ensuring transparency and considering their views in the board’s decisions. In challenging times, his guidance is invaluable in navigating the organization through crises.