Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH

Portrait of President Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH

AADBH President Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH

Dr. Gray has worked nearly three decades in violence prevention and intervention as a nationally credentialed victim and patient advocate. During this time, she achieved many certifications and awards for her service to victims of violence. After a long career, she changed her scope of focus to behavioral health, business, healthcare education, and administrative management. In addition to serving as the innaugural CEO of the AADBH, Dr. Gray works as a healthcare educator. In this capacity, she provides training to providers for trauma-informed methodologies and treatment practices. Her goal is to help to reduce patient retraumatization in medical or clinical settings.

Dr. Gray is well versed in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and holds a black belt ranking in health-care. Subsequently, she has focused her Lean Six Sigma training on quality metrics, process, quality improvement, and assurance. Dr. Gray’s concentrations or specializations include: Community Behavioral Health, Public Health, Domestic Violence, trauma-informed care, American Indian health policy, behavior processes, trauma and resiliency, violence-conflict and human rights, gender violence, and women’s studies.

Given her certification in law enforcement, it follows that she has specialities in forensic and correctional psychology, law enforcement administration, situational crime prevention, human/sex trafficking. Finally, Dr. Gray is focused on integrated care, patient-centered behavioral health, patient-centered medical homes, quality improvement and assurances and lean six sigma project & program management. Dr. Gray is not only the CEO of the AADBH, but in addition, she is also on the Board of Directors with the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health. Similarly, Dr. Gray also chairs the board of a non-profit victim advocacy agency, The Freedom Train Project Incorporated.