Navigating the dynamic landscape of behavioral health demands commitment, ongoing education, and a strong community of like-minded professionals. Therefore, at the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health (AADBH), we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where DBH professionals come together to share insights, develop skills, and advance our field. Our membership offers a plethora of opportunities tailored to your professional growth and networking needs whether you’re an established practitioner or just embarking on your journey. Dive in to discover how AADBH can be a cornerstone of your professional journey.

Association Benefits

Joining the AADBH isn’t just about adding another affiliation to your credentials. It’s about actively engaging in a community that’s committed to the holistic advancement of the behavioral health field. Here’s what you stand to gain:

  1. Professional Networking: Connect with a diverse group of professionals. That is to say professionals that range from seasoned experts to fresh voices in the field, allowing for mentorship opportunities, collaborative projects, and potential partnerships.
  2. Continuing Education: Access exclusive webinars, workshops, and courses that count towards your professional development. As a result you can stay updated with the latest research, methodologies, and breakthroughs.
  3. Research Opportunities: Get exclusive invitations to participate in or lead groundbreaking research initiatives. Collaborate with peers to contribute to the ever-evolving field of behavioral health.
  4. Annual Conferences & Events: Enjoy discounted rates to conferences, seminars, and other events. As a result, you ensure engagement in lively discussions, witness keynote speeches, and attend hands-on workshops.
  5. Resource Library: Dive into a curated collection of case studies, whitepapers, best practice guidelines, and other essential resources.
  6. Publication Opportunities: Submit your original work to the AADBH blog, journal or newsletter. We provide a platform to share your insights, research, and case studies with peers.
  7. Advocacy & Policy Influence: Participate in committees and focus groups that actively influence policy-making in behavioral health. Ensure your voice is heard at both the state and national levels.
  8. Discount Programs: Receive special discounts.
  9. Recognition and Awards: Gain the opportunity to be recognized by your peers through various awards and recognitions. These are given for excellence in research, practice, and contribution to the field.
  10. National Outreach: Be a part of national initiatives, partnering with national organizations. Therefore you contribute to the advancement of behavioral health.

Why Join?

So, with the AADBH, you’re not just joining an association—you’re becoming an integral part of a movement. We are dedicated to the growth, recognition, and advancement of the behavioral health profession. Whether you’re seeking professional growth, research opportunities, or a vibrant community of peers, AADBH promises a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Member Level Options


Dive deep into the realm of integrated health with our Professional Membership. This exclusive tier is designed for dedicated professionals who are passionate about staying at Professional member, you're not just a part of an association; you're at the heart of a vibrant community of practitioners, researchers, and educators who are shaping the future of healthcare.


  1. Premium Webinars & Workshops: Gain exclusive access to webinars and workshops led by renowned experts in the field.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, mentors, and leaders at our Platinum-only events and mixers.
  3. Directory Listing: Be prominently featured in our upcoming online directory, increasing visibility and referrals.
  4. Continuous Education Credits: Access to a unique range of CE-approved courses and programs, helping you meet your professional development requirements with ease.
  5. Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on association conferences, events, and partner products and services.
  6. Members-Only Resource Library: Contribute to and Dive into a vast collection of case studies, whitepapers, and tools curated specifically for integrated health professionals.
  7. Advocacy: Have a voice in shaping policies and standards in the integrated health field with opportunities to participate in committees and focus groups.

Join our elite community of integrated health professionals and elevate your practice, knowledge, and connections. Because your commitment to health deserves the professional standard.

Graduate Student

Embark on your journey into the world of integrated health with our specially designed Student Membership. Tailored for the next generation of integrated health enthusiasts and practitioners, this membership offers a platform for learning, networking, and growth. Join a thriving community where future leaders and innovators come together to share, inspire, and pave the way for a holistic approach to healthcare.


  1. Educational Webinars & Workshops: Access to webinars and workshops that provide insights into emerging trends, foundational concepts, and hands-on techniques in integrated health.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow students, educators, and professionals in the field during student-centric events and mixers.
  3. Career Guidance: Receive mentorship and career advice from established professionals, aiding your transition from academia to real-world practice.
  4. Exclusive Discounts: Avail of student-specific discounts on association conferences, events, and select educational materials.
  5. Resource Gateway: Future access and contribute to a library filled with study aids, case studies, and essential tools curated for budding integrated health professionals.
  6. Advocacy & Leadership Training: Learn the importance of advocacy in integrated health and gain skills to represent and lead your peers.


  • Enrollment in an accredited degree or certification program related to integrated health.

Forge connections, enhance your learning, and lay a robust foundation for your career in integrated health. Your path to holistic wellness leadership and behavioral health begins here.