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We are elated to announce that the American Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health (AADBH) is participating in the renowned CGI Integrated Health Conference this year! Our organization has long admired the conference’s dedication to promoting integrated approaches to healthcare, and being a part of this esteemed event is truly an honor.

Why is the CGI Integrated Health Conference Significant?

The CGI Integrated Health Conference, scheduled for October 9-11, 2023, in Chandler, Arizona. This conference is a premier event tailored for a wide array of professionals in the healthcare domain. Its audience spans multidisciplinary integrated professionals. For example, leaders, and researchers to those involved in many aspects of healthcare design, delivery, and enhancement will be in attendence. The conference welcomes Doctors of Behavioral Health (DBHs) or students pursuing DBH. They also welcome related healthcare fields, faculty, subject matter experts, and researchers specializing in integrated care. In addition, the event is an invaluable experience for mental health professionals, social workers, community health workers, nursing experts, physicians, and specialists.

AADBH’s Anticipated Role at the Conference

The AADBH is set to play role in furthering discussions on integrated health at the CGI conference. So, we are excited to share that we will be hosting a panel discussion. The panel features select board members who will delve deep into their individual and collective contributions to integrated health. Moreover, their insights promise to illuminate the path forward in holistic patient care and multidisciplinary collaboration. Additionally, the AADBH will have a dedicated table at the conference venue. This platform will serve as a touchpoint for attendees to interact with our representatives. Participants can seek clarifications and gain deeper insights into our initiatives. Further, we’ll be using this opportunity to encourage and facilitate new memberships. We invite students and professionals to join our mission in advancing behavioral health within the integrated care paradigm.

Register to Join the AADBH at the Conference

Register: https://cgi.edu/conference

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